CEO Message

Globiz CO. LTD is the leading company of the PHM system platform for railway vehicle, construction structure, automobiles, and power plant application.

Globiz CO. LTD developed our own technology of sensors, smart measurement devices, and server system hardware as well as firmware, graphic user interface, database management, and web operation system to become the world best company in the field and provide the total solution to satisfy the customer’s need.

Especially in the condition monitoring field, we developed exclusive hardware and software for monitoring to realize the autonomous operation, self-diagnosis, and data loss minimization from external abnormality which ordinary monitoring system had limits.

Globiz CO. LTD developed highly reliable algorithm with big data processing and artificial intelligence through database categorization.

Globiz CO. LTD will always take the best effort on research and development as a leading company in the industry.

Thank You.

CEO Profile

Ph.d in the Mechanical Engineering from the KAIST

20 Years of Research Experience (KIST, etc)
35 of Patent Acquired
32 of Research Publications
75 of Research Project Performed

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